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Slovak wines

Download for free an application which will lead you through the complete offer of Slovak wines, will advice you which wine goes with your favorite meal. The application will take you to the best slovak wine bars and it will closely introduce the cultivated varieties and winemakers to you.

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Application Winerator should help users to get right direction while choosing from wide offer of Slovak wines. After the bar code scanning or after entering the name or code of the wine, Winerator will display the price, rating and all other useful information, which are needed while choosing right wine.

Change of content

If you like to add, edit or delete the winemaker, the wine bar, news or wine please contact us. Your personal wine ratings are welcomed on our page.


The prices in the application are either suggested prices by winemakers or the lowest prices found on retail trade in time of the last update of the application. Wine ratings are based on personal feelings of the authors and should be helpful by making a decision which wine to buy. Images used in the application are illustrational.

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If you like this application and you have an idea how to improve it, how to promote it better, if you have found some critical mistakes, or you would like to cooperate with us, please contact us. You can also support us financially. Our bank account number is: 3175822851/0200.


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Winerator v1.0




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